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Product description

...resistant one...

This Polymer Clay Machine seems to be one of the best I have ever tried. The machine is frequently used for Polymer Clay work f.ex. in the UK.

6 thickness settings, roller length of 14 cm, opening between 0,2 - 2,2 mm

Whar are its qualities?

- the bottom part is reinforced with a kind of a footrest – the weakest point of all clay machines consists in distortion and bending of bottom part by pressure – which results in divergent position of rollers. Cogs which should fit into each other when turning tend to collide and break. As a consequence the machine gets jammed, bumps appear on the clay, etc.

- wooden handle – every FIMO maniac knows Polymer Clay etches every surface. Plastic handles make no difference. But it is imposssible with the wooden one.

- metal table clamp – the plastic screw will neither break nor roll backwards.

"In June 2012 I will have been selling the machines for two years. I have not received single complaint so far. And I am sure this is one of the signs of their quality. I have been using the machine since I started to sell it and I have no reason to change the brand..." (Nemravka)

If you wonder which machine to choose, look at this article...

...and how to clean it:


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