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Magic Marble Paint / Metallic Green

Producer: C. Kreul | code: 4000798732301
69 CZK Incl. VAT
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Product description

Thanks to marble paints you can create original colour design on various objects.

Your fashion home accessories can be more colourful, more original and fresher with marble paints – whether they are wooden boxes, pictures, candles or porcelain. The magic of marble will accentuate every decoration. You can paint Easter eggs or plastic decorations. Before use you should always remove grease from the objects you are going to decorate.

  • When dripping paint bear in mind that the second colour will suppress the first one and that it will be more intense.
  • For single-colour marbling use the combination of clear and your desired colour

  • The colours are mutually mixable and you can get more shades by blending them.

  • When marbling be quick to prevent formation of a colourful film.

  • You can reach original colour tones only on white objects. The colours will look partially darker on other material such as wood.

  • For cleaning use substitute of turpentine.

  • Do not forget to close the bottle after use.

  • When marbling textile it is suitable to test colours beforehand.

Volume: 20 ml

Watch this video to see how to use marble paints:

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