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+420 734 742 604
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Warehouse: (areal Autocentrum Vojkov), K Nemocnici 50, Tehovec - Vojkov, 251 52

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Pick up your order or do the shopping directly from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm.

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Mgr. Petra Nemravová, Na mezích 342, Louňovice, 251 62
IČO: 68885288
VAT: CZ7854062678
mBank Account: 670100-2207162954/6210
Fio Account: IBAN CZ9620100000002900464619, SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX (international payment)

Under the Act on Electronic Record-Keeping of Cash Sales the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer.

At the same time the seller is obliged to record the accepted takings  with the tax administrator on-line; in case of technical failure within 48 hours at the latest.


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  • Poly bonderShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Could you tell me please when the Lisa Pavelka Poly Bonder Glue will be available again? Ant how much will it cost?
    It would be urgent.
    Thank you so much!

    Comment20.03.2018 14:37 from Kata
    • Re: Poly bonder

      Hello Kata,
      We are sorry but we have anymore polybonder in our offer.
      Best Regards

      Comment20.03.2018 19:04 from (admin)
  • PAYMENT BY CARDShow (comments: 0)Hide (comments: 0)


    Comment20.03.2018 09:02 from Silvana
  • deliveryShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hello, can you ship goods to Praha 6 postal code 16000, for pick up? Thank you!

    Comment28.02.2018 19:39 from Silvana
    • Re: delivery

      Please make the order on our web site and you can choose your delivery address. For personal pick-up we have only one place in Prague - Blanicka 6, Prague 2.
      More information here:
      If you have more questions, don´t hesitate to contact us on
      Best Regards

      Comment01.03.2018 08:11 from (admin)
  • Ship to Israel?Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hello, do you ship to Israel? If yes, how to calculate the shipping fare?

    Comment29.10.2017 15:27 from fella
    • Re: Ship to Israel?

      Yes we also ship to Israel. Please put items to the basket and choose your country. You will see the price for the shipment.
      If you have more question, don´t hesitate to contact us on e-mail
      Thank you!

      Comment30.10.2017 10:59 from (admin)
  • DeliveryShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Good Day) I live in Russia. Can I order here anf your shipping methot to Russia) Thanks a lot)

    Comment15.07.2017 09:34 from Marina
    • Re: Delivery

      Yes we also ship to Russia. If you put your goods to the basket and you choose your country, you will see the shipmenth method and price.
      Thank you and have a nice day.

      Comment17.07.2017 12:25 from (admin)
  • ratingsShow (comments: 0)Hide (comments: 0)

    Hello I have just received my order quite fast and shipped to Brunei, clay are all in good condition, my order did not mess up and I am very thankful that I have met one excellent shop. I DEFINITELY will shop here again and I truly recommend to all polyclay fans and also other arts and crafts lovers to shop here too. I am happy with my order, so Thank you so much! :)

    Comment12.07.2017 10:02 from sabrina daud
  • shipping to Brunei DarussalamShow (comments: 3)Hide (comments: 3)

    Hello, may I ask if it is possible to ship to Brunei Darussalam? if so, may I know the shipping fee?

    Comment22.06.2017 14:50 from sabrina
    • Re: shipping to Brunei Darussalam

      Hello Sabrina,
      Yes, we ship also to Brunei. If you put some items to the basket and choose your country, you will see the shipment price for your order.
      Thank you!
      Best Regards

      Comment23.06.2017 08:28 from (admin)
      • Re: Re: shipping to Brunei Darussalam

        thank youuuu thank yoou so much!

        Comment23.06.2017 14:59 from sabrina
      • Re: Re: shipping to Brunei Darussalam

        Hello, I wish to know if my order is successfully paid or not.

        Comment25.06.2017 10:35 from sabrina
  • Polymer weekShow (comments: 3)Hide (comments: 3)

    Good morning,

    I will attend Polymer week in Pilsen and I woul like to know if you will come there to sell some products for participants, or is it better to order products in advance and to pay them at the delivery?
    Your products are really wonderful.

    Thank you!


    Comment22.06.2017 09:02 from Gabriela stoleriu
    • Re: Polymer week

      Hello Gabriela,
      Yes, some our products will be at Polymer Week and you can buy them there. But if you are instersted in picking up of your order at Polymer Week, please place your order latest to Wednesday - 28. 6. 2017 till 10:00 am. The order has to be paid in advance. All paid orders will be delivered to Polymer Week where you can pick-up it. Thank you!
      Best Regards

      Comment22.06.2017 11:45 from (admin)
      • Re: Re: Polymer week

        And please choose Carrier - Sending by e-mail with 0CZK transport. :-)

        Comment22.06.2017 11:52 from (admin)
        • Re: Re: Re: Polymer week

          I am attending Polymer week too and i have tried to order some stuff but sending by email didn't show as an option. is it possible to choose personal pickup and have it delivered to Pilsen?

          Comment26.06.2017 10:00 from Snezana Pilja
  • LivraisonShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Bonjour quel est le délai de livraison pour la France ?merci

    Comment21.06.2017 08:53 from leila
    • Re: Livraison

      If you choose GLS transport, it is about 3 working days. If you choose Czech Post, it is about 10 working days.
      Thank you for your message.

      Comment21.06.2017 09:42 from (admin)
  • order confirmationShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)


    I would like to know my order payment has been successful?

    Comment18.05.2017 04:55 from zoywang
    • Re: order confirmation

      We are sorry but your payment wasn´t successful. We can send you PayPal payment link or new credit card payment link. Please let us to know on our e-mail Thank you, Best Regards,

      Comment19.05.2017 07:02 from (admin)
  • Здравствуйте! Вы отправляете... Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Здравствуйте! Вы отправляете посылки в Россию? Заранее спасибо!!

    Comment12.04.2017 15:51 from Olesya
    • Re:

      Yes we also ship to Russia. If you put the goods to the basket, you can choose your country for delivery. You will also see the shipment price.
      Thank you!

      Comment12.04.2017 19:56 from (admin)
  • Is it possible to buy 8 of the grid... Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Is it possible to buy 8 of the grid mats that Jana Honnerova used in her class in the U.S. in the old format? The new updated one is very difficult to see the faint lines. The old version with just blue lines is so much easier to see. We really appreciated you donating the mats for Jana's workshop in Texas.

    Comment10.04.2017 22:23 from Diane Foster
    • Re:

      Hello Diane,
      Yes, you can order this mat. It is no problem. We are happy that you like it. :-) You can find it here in our e-shop:
      You can choose A4 or A3 format. Then you can make the order. You will see the shipment price in some order step. If you think that shipment price is so high, please put the note to the order about shimpent (we can check it). Don´t pay the order and wait for our e-mail shipment information.
      Thank you!

      Comment11.04.2017 08:48 from (admin)
  • shipping costsShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Good afternoon, the approximate weight of my package is 850 grams, the country of departure Spain, is there an opportunity to optimize postage? Is it possible to indicate a private person as the sender?
    Thank you, Ana

    Comment07.04.2017 23:04 from Ana
    • Re: shipping costs

      Yes it is possible. Please make the order and put a note there that you want to check the shipment price. Don´t pay anythnig and please wait for our e-mail with new information about shipment price.
      Thank you!

      Comment10.04.2017 08:02 from (admin)
  • Shipping CostsShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    I wanted to buy two Moiko (2) silk screens and two (2) Pavelka's silicon textures and the transport costs was very expensive 26Euro from Chech Rep to Greece. I consider it very much. Pls can you check it and let me know.

    Best Regards


    Comment09.03.2017 17:37 from Vassilis
    • Re: Shipping Costs

      The shipment price will be around 150CZK = 5,55EUR. Please make the order, choose your country and paymenth method and put the note there that you want to check the shipment price. Don´t pay anything and wait for our new shipment price confirmation.
      The system counts the shipment price on behalf of items weight.
      Many thanks!

      Comment10.03.2017 09:54 from (admin)
  • shippingShow (comments: 3)Hide (comments: 3)

    Shipping costs to Scotland Great Britain seem a lot, can you confirm please.

    Comment22.02.2017 20:07 from Nana
    • Re: shipping

      Hello Nana,
      If you thnik that the shipment price seems to be high, please make the order and make a note that you want to check the price of the shipment.The shipment price depends on the weight of the package (what items the order contains). Don´t pay the order and wait for our reply.
      Best Regards

      Comment23.02.2017 07:47 from (admin)
      • Re: Re: shipping

        I have placed my order, waiting for shipping costs,

        Comment23.02.2017 09:59 from Nana
        • Re: Re: Re: shipping

          Please check your order proccess. We havn´t still got your order.
          Best Regards

          Comment23.02.2017 12:08 from (admin)
  • Love your online store!Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Do you ship to Canada? If so, please let me know how to proceed.


    Comment21.02.2017 00:11 from Natalie
    • Re: Love your online store!

      Yes, we ship also to Canada. Please make the order on our web site. Choose your country and you will see the shipment price. If the shipment price seems to be high, we need to first to pack the order and then we can reduce the shipment price (on behalf of weight). You can make the note to your order. Many thanks!
      Best Regards

      Comment21.02.2017 11:23 from (admin)
  • VATShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Just want to clarify one moment.
    I'm from Russia, will I pay VAT? As I know, VAT is for EU members.... And the ammount is included in the check out.
    Thank you.

    Comment15.11.2016 14:21 from Tanya
    • Re: VAT

      You have to complete your order and at the final part you will see it without VAT. If there is some problems, please contact us on e-mail But it should be ok. We have many foreign customers.
      Best Regards

      Comment16.11.2016 10:24 from (admin)
  • shippingShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)


    Comment21.10.2016 04:31 from Patricia petty
    • Re: shipping

      Hello Patricia,
      Yes we ship also to USA. Make the order and choose your country. You can see the price including the price for shippment. If you have more questions, don´t hesitate to contac us on
      Best Regards

      Comment21.10.2016 09:43 from (admin)
  • ShippingShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    If i order more than 1 object, why the shipping cost is high?

    Comment18.10.2016 14:33 from Ruben
    • Re: Shipping

      The shipping cost depends on the weight of products. If you want to check the shipping cost, make the order and put the note that you want to check the shipping cost to your order. Then don´t pay the order and wait for our e-mail information.
      Best Regards

      Comment18.10.2016 18:23 from (admin)
  • Shipping to RomaniaShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    I would like to order some clay but I really need to know the shipping price before ordering.
    The amount of clay I added to my cart is around 800 grams.

    Please let me know.
    Thank you !

    Comment13.04.2016 07:32 from Andra Ilies
    • Re: Shipping to Romania

      Hello Andra,

      If you put the clay to your basket on our e-shop and you choose your country, you will see the whole price for clay and shipping price.
      If you need more help, don´t hesitate to contact us.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment13.04.2016 08:18 from Nemravka (admin)
  • important failure ++++Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hello, I tried to phone you, I'm not on Facebook ant I don't have your mail so I'm trying to join you by this way. I've got a BIG problem : my last order was really expensive (number 2016030060) and since early march, I didn't receive ANYTHING (but I paid !!!!). I hope you will help me (send me my furnitures or give me my money back).
    I'm waiting for your response +++++
    Christel RAT (

    Comment31.03.2016 09:33 from rat
    • Re: important failure ++++

      we have sent you already the e-mail. Please let us to know.
      Best Regards

      Comment31.03.2016 11:54 from (admin)
  • Hi. I hope you read English. :) I... Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hi. I hope you read English. :) I LOVE your store. YOu have so many really fantastic items that I just can't find online in the U.S.A. Do you ship to the U.S.? How would I convert money? I really want to get a bunch of bracelet blanks in silver.. and brass. I've been trying to find silver ones for a long time. Could you please tell me about how much shipping would be to 34209? That's in Bradenton, FL, U.S
    I'm so happy I found your site.
    Thank you.
    Amy Culbert

    Comment17.08.2015 21:40 from Amy Culbert
    • Re:

      Hello Amy,
      Thank you for nice words about our e-shop. Yes we also ship to USA. If you put your goods to the basket and you choose shipment to USA to your city, you will see the whole price for goods together with your shipment. If you need more help, don´t hesitate to send us e-mail.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment18.08.2015 07:42 from (admin)
  • msShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hi :-)

    I bought some ink from you, I wanted a deep yellow color so I ordered the Izink called Mango because according to the color showed on your web site that was deep yellow....but when I got it it turns out it's orange... And I was wondering when the Pinata Ink Sunflower Yellow will be back in stock?

    Kind regards

    Comment26.07.2015 20:28 from May-Britt
    • Re: ms

      We are sorry that the colour isn´t according your idea. Piňata Sunflower Yellow is now on stock.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment27.07.2015 13:27 from (admin)
  • Textile medium for acrylic paintShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)


    I'm searching for a textile medium (usually should come in liquid form) which I could mix with acrylic paint for painting on textiles/ t-shirts for example.
    I couldn't find one on this site, but maybe I didn't know where/ how to search.

    Would you have any suggestions for this?

    Thank you!

    Comment16.07.2015 12:39 from andrea
    • Re: Textile medium for acrylic paint

      Hello Andrea,
      All about textile you can find here:
      And we have only textile glue:
      Probably it is not in our website.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment20.07.2015 08:47 from (admin)
  • mrsShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    hello i would like to buy from your shop but you do not have united kingdom on your list. Thank you .

    Comment11.06.2015 11:45 from Margaret Grace
    • Re: mrs

      Hello Margaret,
      Yes we also send to your country. It is listed as Great Britain. Please choose it.
      Many thanks for your interesting.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment11.06.2015 13:33 from (admin)
  • helpShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    I have your pens and fimo clay set and can't figure out how to re-assemble the fountain pen. I can 't seem to get the cap to screw on. and what to do with the little black piece. Do you have a step- by- step illustration?

    Comment09.05.2015 14:18 from Barbara
    • Re: help

      Hello Barbara,

      we are sorry but we havn´t any step-by-step illustration. It should be some inside the set. Isn´t it?
      Have a nice day!

      Comment12.05.2015 14:31 from (admin)
  • QuestionsShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hi there,

    I live in Karlovy Vary and would love to come visit your shop. Right now I am 8 month Pregnant so not sure i would come before baby. I do need some things and would like to know how is your return policy... if I buy something online and its not exactly what I wanted can return it for something else? I am doing my baby little gift for when he is born.

    Thank you so so much .



    Comment10.01.2015 17:43 from Laura Gildersleeve
    • Re: Questions

      Hi Laura,
      Yes it is possible to send back the goods in original packaging during 14 days from the date you buy it and change it for some other. Please if you want to change it, send the e-mail on
      Have a nice day!

      Comment11.01.2015 15:14 from (admin)
  • commandeShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    bonjour, livrez-vous en Belgique? Si oui, a combien sont les frais de port?

    Est-il possible de payer en paypal?

    Comment07.12.2014 23:07 from carine beckers
    • Re: commande

      Hello Carine,
      Yes we ship also to Belgium. If you put goods to the basket in our e-shop, you will se the price for shipping. The price is for goods as well as for shipping together.
      If you have other questions, please let us to know!
      Have a nice day'

      Comment08.12.2014 08:37 from (admin)
  • Hi, I want to make an order of... Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hi, I want to make an order of Grommets Ag 925/20 mm 3 pieces Metal grommets silver Ag 925 3 pieces . I do not have a VAT . I can proceed with the order? You have them available? Thanks for the reply.

    Comment03.12.2014 16:35 from paola franceschini
    • Re:

      Hello Paola,
      Yes gromments are on stock, you can order them. It is no need to have VAT. It is for people who have it. It is no need to fill the line with VAT.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment04.12.2014 09:03 from (admin)
  • have my emails reached you???Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)


    I have registered for a wholesale account with you a week ago and have send 3 emails now.
    But I have a feeling that they don't arrive with you.
    I'm in serious need of 3 types of Clay that you sell, but can't order with wholesale prices.
    Please advise.


    Comment21.11.2014 13:46 from Lilian
    • Re: have my emails reached you???

      Hello Lilian, no we don't have your e.mail. COuld you please send it to my mailbox

      THank you, Petra

      Comment21.11.2014 13:54 from Nemravka
  • Do you have a shop location?Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)


    Do you have a store location to go look and buy items ?
    Thank you

    Comment28.10.2014 17:27 from Patrycja
    • Re: Do you have a shop location?

      Hello Patrycia,
      Yes we have our stock near Prague. It is in Tehovec. It is next to city Říčany u Prahy. The address is: K Nemocnici 50, Tehovec - Vojkov. You can come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 2pm. But it is better to write e-mail on time you want to visit us. There are two ladies in the office that doesn´t speak English. We can arrage to be here to help you with your questions.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment31.10.2014 08:53 from (admin)
  • InfoShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hi! I would like to know if this course on 16-10-2014 (Album jako kniha) and the next one on 30-10-2014 (Scrapbookový kalendář) are just in Czech language? Because I am reallz interested.

    Thank you very much.

    Comment14.10.2014 16:06 from Adriana
    • Re: Info

      Hello Adriana,
      sorry for our late reply. Yes our courses are in Czech language.
      Have a nice day.

      Comment04.12.2014 09:05 from (admin)
  • Вы работаете с Россией?Show (comments: 0)Hide (comments: 0)

    Здравствуйте! Я хочу сделать заказ в вашем магазине. Вы работаете с Россией? Я живу в Санкт-Петербурге. L у вас есть стоимость товара в евро? Привет. Наталья.

    Comment20.09.2014 22:32 from Elanka
  • PayPal paymentShow (comments: 0)Hide (comments: 0)

    Dear Madam or Sir
    I placed and order and selected to pay via PayPal but I didn´t receive any link to make the payment. How shall I proceed with my order .
    Please note my order appears in my profile under " My Orders".


    Comment10.09.2014 17:55 from Giusi
  • Pick upShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)


    I would like to ask if it is possible that I order some products online and my colleague, who will be attending Fimohrani Organic, picks up the products without additional costs for shipping. What would be the final date to send an order in this case?

    Thank you in advance and best regards,

    from Slovenia

    Comment21.08.2014 11:02 from Sandra Turk
    • Re: Pick up

      Hello Sandra,
      Yes it is possible. If you make the order, fill the country - Czech Republic and Personal Pick-up. And please make a note to your order, that the goods will be pick-up by your friend (her name) at Fimohrani.
      Please make your order latest till the 12th September.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment21.08.2014 12:27 from (admin)
  • PaymentShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hello dear fellow clayers,

    Is there a possiblity for me to pay with Paypal or somerhing else?
    And can I ask what the shipping cost will be to the netherlands?
    Have a great day, and I Love to hear from you guy's!
    All the best,

    Comment15.04.2014 09:34 from Kim
    • Re: Payment

      Hello Kimi,
      yes it is possible to pay by Paypal. You will see your price of shipping when you put the chosen goods to the court.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment13.05.2014 20:29 from (admin)
  • Shipping fee to Hungary?Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Dear Nemravka,

    I'd like to buy some nylon mesh from you, would you be so kind to tell me about the shipping fee?
    Is it possible to pay with Paypal?

    Thank you.
    Best regards.

    Comment01.02.2014 20:50 from Timi
    • Re: Shipping fee to Hungary?

      Hello Timi,
      If you put the goods to the court, you will see the shipping fee. If it is not heavy goods, we can check it. Please make the order and put there the note about shipping fee control. Then we will inform you about the whole price and after you can pay it by Paypal.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment09.02.2014 15:24 from (admin)
  • Where is your shop?Show (comments: 2)Hide (comments: 2)


    I saw mariya question and I in the same status.

    Would like to buy from you and I will stay at Pruage from 23/10 till 28/10.

    Best Regards,
    Dror Meron

    Comment22.10.2013 10:47 from Dror Meron
    • Re: Where is your shop?

      Yes no problem. We are in our office from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:30 (Saturday and Sunda is closed). But it is better to call us in advance to know when you will come. Monday 28th October is Czech national holiday so it is also closed.
      Have a nice day!

      Comment23.10.2013 11:29 from (admin)
    • Re: Where is your shop?

      You can also write an e-mail when you would like to come :
      Our shop is near Prague near small city Ricany u Prahy. Here is the address:, K nemocnici 50, Tehovec - Vojkov.
      Kind Regards

      Comment23.10.2013 11:59 from (admin)
  • PARDO ArtClay / TransparentShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hi,i need PARDO ArtClay / Transparent,i wait one purchase because this item don´t many time?thanks¡¡

    Comment25.04.2013 13:09 from Carmen
    • Re: PARDO ArtClay / Transparent

      Dear Carmen,
      sorry for delay but PardoClay transparent is on stock.
      Kind Regards

      Comment20.06.2013 11:55 from (admin)
  • Where is your shop?Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Dobry den.
    I'm a foreigner who lives in Praha 2. Where is your shop? I would like to purchase some items and pick it up personally (not using post).


    Comment12.06.2012 15:29 from mariya
    • Re: Where is your shop?

      Hi Mariya,

      I hope you got your parcel okay.. :-)
      Kind regards,


      Comment15.06.2012 21:23 from Nemravka (admin)
  • sending to UkraineShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Hi! I want now, can I bye PARDO ArtClay / Transparent?
    Do you sending it to Ukraine? I live in Kiev.

    Comment28.05.2012 20:56 from Evgen
    • Re: sending to Ukraine

      Hi Evgen,

      yes we do have Pardo Translucent :-) Yes we send to Ukaine, you should just choose your country when ordering.

      Thank you :-)

      Comment08.06.2012 21:15 from Nemravka (admin)
  • Hello Dorado, thank you for your... Show (comments: 0)Hide (comments: 0)

    Hello Dorado,

    thank you for your interrest. Yes we sell our product to sellers with a discount depending on type of product. If you set up your account I´ll set up your wholesale prices.
    THanks, Petra

    Comment22.07.2011 10:13 from Nemravka