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What's New


Malabrigo Restocked

One good news! Malabrigo package is here and we will restock Malabrigo balls during today. And we have also some new shades. Enjoy Winter weekend! 


Special Offer - Drops, Channel Bracelets, Winter SB Collections, Clarity Stamps

Special Offer just starts! You can buy various Drops yarns, buttons, scrapbooking Winter collections and channel bracelets with 20% discount and plastic stencils by Clarity Stamp with 15% discount. And Special Offer 1 + 1 for findings still continues. This special offer is valid until 27. 1. 2022. 


Lavinia Stamps Back in Stock

We restocked Lavinia clear stamps, ink pads Elements and plastick stencils. All Lavinia products here.


Special Offer - Cascade Yarns, FlipBooks, Wycinanka and Silkscreen Stencils

Don´t miss our new Special Offer! Cascade Yarns and silkscreen stencils by Hanni with 20% discount and FlipBooks and chipboards by Wycinanka with 15% discount now. It is valid until 20. 1. 2022. And if you buy findings, you will get one for free. Special Offer for findings 1 + 1 FREE is also valid until 20. 1. 2022. Enjoy the weekend time. 


Hooks by KnitPro

New hooks in our Crocheting category - many sizes of hooks by KnitPro.


Polychromos Pencils Back in STOCK

All shades of pencils Polychromos are back in our stock. As well as the pencil sets called Nikol. The acrylic roller set by Pardo is also back in our stock. And don´t miss our NEWS here. 


Special Offer - Sculpey Special Clays, Dipinto and Washi Tapes

New Special Offer just starts. You can buy special clays by Sculpey and Dipinto by Lang Yarns with 15% discount. And some kinds of washi tapes with 20% discount. All in our Special Offer category. It is valid until 13. 1. 2021. Enjoy the weekend.


SALE January 2022

Our January SALE 2022 just starts! Many tools and materials from polymer clay, scrapbooking, knitting/crocheting and other category with big discount now!


Happy New Year with our New Special Offer

New Year 2022 is here and our Special offer is here too. You can buy Kato Polyclay and Black Elephant balls with 15% discount. And Lavinia products with 10% discount. It is valid until 6. 1. 2022. 


Advent Calendar - 24. 12. 2021

Our last Advent Calendar window contains 10% discount for all products from our e-shop. Please use the code VANOCE2021. It is valid from the 24th to 26th December 2021. We wish you so Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas

Dear all, we wish you Merry Christamas and all the best to 2022. You Nemravka team


Advent Calendar - 23. 12. 2021

Last day before Christmas. Our 23th window is full of Lavinia clear stamps. Today with 15% discount. Our office is closed from 23. 12. 2021 to 2. 1. 2022. 


Advent Calendar - 22. 12. 2021

Today is glittering. You can buy all shades of glittering beads with 25% discount.


Advent Calendar - 21. 12. 2021

15% discount for scrapbooking albums only today. Choose your album for 2022. 


Advent Calendar - 20. 12. 2021

The 20th window of our Advent calendar is open. Magic glos with 20% discount for today. Happy Monday. 


Advent Calendar - 19. 12. 2021

The 19th window is open. Don´t mis 15% discount for Peerie by Brooklyn Tweed. Enjoy the 4th Advent Sunday. 


Advent Calendar - 18. 12. 2021

You can buy all Polymer Week Magazines with 15% discount for today. 


Special Offer - Whirl Ombré, Nemravka Clay Cutters, Christmas Material

New Special Offer is here! Don´t miss 25% discount for Whirl Ombré by Scheepjes, 15% for Nemravka Clay Cutters and 15% discount for Christmas material. Enjoy the 4th Advent weekend. 


Advent Calendar - 17. 12. 2021

You can buy all plastic stencils with 15% discount today. Our 17th window is also open. 


Christmas Opening Hours 2021

We will ship last packages on the 22nd December 2021. Our office will be closed from 23. 12. 2021 to 2. 1. 2022. We wish you nice Advent time.


Advent Calendar - 16. 12. 2021

We offer you 45% discount for stringing material such as rubber strings, leather cords, bead cords, nilon mesh tubes, satin cords, waxed cords etc. 


Advent Calendar - 15. 12. 2021

Don´t miss 20% discount for scrapbooking papers for today! Our 15th window is open.


Advent Calendar - 14. 12. 2021

Enjoy 20% discount for Moiko silkscreen stencils only today - 14. 12. 2021. 


Advent Calendar - 13. 12. 2021

Happy Monday! You can buy Malabrigo balls - Mechita and Sock - with 15% discount for today! Our 13th window is open.  


Advent Calendar - 12. 12. 2021

You can buy all craft punches with 15% discount. Perfect tools for scrapbooking projects. Enjoy the 3rd Advent Sunday. 


Advent Calendar - 11. 12. 2021

The 11th window is full of ribbons. Buy them with 25% discount today. 


Advent Calendar - 10. 12. 2021

Friday window is full of Whirl and Whirlette balls. Only today 20 - 25% discount for these cotton yarns. Enjoy the 3rd Advent weekend. 


Advent Calendar - 9. 12. 2021

The 9th window contains 20% discount for trimmers by Dahle and Fiskars. It could be a nice Christmas gift for paper crafters.


Advent Calendar - 8. 12. 2021

The 8th window is open! We offer you today 40% discount for all findings.


Advent Calendar - 7. 12. 2021

Today window is full of Lang Yarns balls. You can buy them with 15% discount only today. Norma, Merino 120, Mille Colori, Janet, Jawol, Greta, Bloom, Milton, Donegal etc.

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