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What's New


Advent Calendar - 14. 12. 2018

Red satin cord to every order today! Our 14th window is opet. wink



All sets and shades of PanPastel on stock now as well as PanPastel tools. wink


Advent Calendar - 13. 12. 2018

A set of decorative flowers as a gift to every today order. wink


Drops balls

Many balls from Alpaca in our offer. Air, Alpaca, Baby Merino, BabyAlpaca Silk, Fabel, Nepal, Paris and Sky. All balls with Alpaca are with 30% discount till 31. 12. 2018. 


Advent Calendar - 12. 12. 2018

Our Advent Calendar with gifts has open next window. Premo polymer clay 5055 K gold as a gift to today orders. wink


Advent Calendar - 11. 12. 2018

The 11th window of our Advent calednar is open. If you place the order today, you will get Christmas ribbon as a gift. wink


Advent Calendar - 10. 12. 2018

Clay cutter snowflake to every today order! wink


Advent Calendar - 9. 12. 2018

The second Advent Sunday is here. A red waxed cord is a gift to every today order. Enjoy so nice Advent time!


Advent Calendar - 8. 12. 2018

Heshi brown coconut beads as a gift to today orders. Have a nice Saturday! 


SPECIAL OFFER - MOIKO and Nemravka Czech Projec Life Cards

The last but one Special Offer! Silkscreen stencils by Moiko and Nemravka Project Life cards. Valid till 20. 12. 2018. All in Special Offer category. 


Advent Calendar - 7. 12. 2018

Premo 5382 cadmium red to every today order. It is our gift in the 7th window of Nemravka Advent Calendar. wink


Advent Calendar - 6. 12. 2018

Heart markers by Addi to every today order. Don´t miss our Advent Calendar. Every day gift to your orders till 24. 12. 2018. wink


Advent Calendar - 5. 12. 2018

The fifth window is open. Clay cutter with gingerbread man to every today order. Don´t miss our Advent Calendar! Every day gift to your orders. wink


Advent Calendar - 4. 12. 2018

Christmas silver ribbon for today every order. Don´t miss every day gift to your orders. wink


New tutorial in english - Christmas wreath with polymer clay hearts

Read a new article - a tutorial about how to decorate your home with polymer clay hearts wreath.


Advent Calendar - 3. 12. 2018

Premo 5051 to every today order as a gift. Enjoy Monday! wink


Advent Calendar - 2. 12. 2018

Nemravka silicone stamp "XOXO" to every today order. Enjoy the firts Advent Sunday! wink


Advent Calendar - 1. 12. 2018

Red sparkling beads to every today order as a gift. Enjoy Advent time! wink


Nemravka Chipboards

Christmas and other motives of Nemravka chipboards on stock as well as we restocked Wycinanka chipboards. 


Scheepjes NEWS

Cloth design bags, needle sets, new needle markers, bowls for balls and new shades of Our Tribe and Wanderslust. All in NEWS


Special Offer - Cascade and Echo Park

Cascade Fingering and Sport and birthday collection by Echo Park in our new SPECIAL OFFER! Valid till 6. 12. 2018. 


BLACK (fri)DAYS 23. - 26. 11 .2018

4 days 5% off your order! Use discount code: BLACKFRIDAYS for your order from 23. 11. 2018 to 26. 11. 2018. Enjoy the weekend!   


Namaste 100 g

New member of our ball family is Namaste 100 g. Buy 6 balls of Namaste and gain circulate needles 50 cm / 8 mm for free. You can find here also tunisian crochet hook and circulate needles of 8 mm and new crocet hooks for Lace balls. 


Dipinto, Merino 120 and Addi Lace Circular Needle

Hot NEWS in knitting and crocheting. Dipinto and Merino 120 balls (we are working on better photos), Donegal, Mille Colori Baby Luxe, Super Soxx Cashmere and many size of Addi Lace circular needles. wink


Whirl Ombré

So beautiful balls of Whirl Ombré are here! What shade do you choose? wink



New magazine called Bookazine with knitting and crocheting projects in our NEWS. 


Catona Denim

Catona Denim balls finally here. You can choose from a wide shade choice. Enjoy the weekend. 


SPECIAL OFFER - Yankee Candle and Carabelle Studio

New SPECIAL OFFER! Don´t miss candles by Yankee Candle and stamps and stencils by Carabelle Studio for special prices. wink


Metallic Cernit

Yes, finally here. Metallic Cernit in 13 new shades. We also restocked Pouring Medium for Fluid Painting. 


Bags for Knitting and Crocheting

So cool! New bags for your tools and balls for knitting and crocheting. Right here

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