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What's New


De Luxe Scissors

New design of scissors for various projects. 


Bloom 150 g and Addi Circular Needle

Hot balls NEWS! Bloom 150 g by Lang Yarns, new size of Addi circular needles and silver deco string for your knitting and crocheting projects. 


Moiko Silkscreen stencils - Lama, Leaves and Buttons

New silkscreen stencils by Moiko. Lama, leaves or buttons for your polymer clay projects. wink


Sculpey Molds and Clays

NEWS - two types of silicone molds for polymer clay liquids. We restocked also Super Sculpey clays and as well as Premo and Soufflé. Don´t miss a new profi extruder by Staedtler. 


Bloom and Linen Soft

Bloom and Linen Soft are perfect for your Spring and Summer knitting and crocheting projects. 


Whirl, Whirlette and Tools for Knitting and Crocheting

New shades of Whirl and Whirlette balls as well as some new tools for knitting and crocheting in our offer now. 


Drops Big Delight 30% Discount

Drops Big Delight with 30% discount. Valid till 28. 2. 2019. 


Special Offer - Kemper and Claritystamp

Special offer valid from 1. to 14. 2. 2019 - clay cutters and tools by Kemper and plastic stencils by Claritystamp


New Silkscreen Stencils by Hanni

Don´t miss new motives of Hanni Silkscreen stencils. We restocked also some sold-out ones.


Special Offer - Wax Paste Chameleon and Scrapbooking Paper Pads

New Special Offer for wax paste Chameleon and scrapbooking paper pads is valid till 31. 1. 2019. All in Special Offer category. 


Drops Puna, Andes and Big Delight

NEWS by Drops! Drops Puna, Drops Andes and Drops Big Delight, stitch holders and buttons are now in our NEWS! 


Drops Loves You no. 8 and Pom Pom Makers

Drops Loves You no. 8 balls in 19 shades are in our offer now as well as pom pom makers in various size. 


Ebru Combs on Stock

All versions of Ebru combs on stock now. 


Total SALE!

Don´t miss our total SALE. If the items are sold-out, they will be no more in our offer. Enjoy the weekend!


Whirl balls and New Tools

New shades of Whirl balls are here (perfect for Sophie´s Dream pattern) as well as new knitting needles Cubics and hooks


Verostudio Silkscreen Stencils with Hearts

So nice new motives of hearts silkscreen stencils by Verostudio. wink


Special Offer - Premo and Yankee Candle

New Year = New Special Offer! Don´t miss 10% discount for polymer clay Premo 57 g and candles in glass by Yankee Candle. Valid till 17. 1. 2019. wink


Advent Calendar - 24. 12. 2018

10% discount for your order today with the code: Christmas2018. Enjoy Christmas time! 


Advent Calendar - 23. 12. 2018

The 23rd window is open. Premo polymer clay 5026 Pomegranate is your gift for today. Enjoy Christmas time! 


Whirlette Balls

New Whirlette balls are here. We restocke as well as Secret Garden, Our Tribe and Maxi Sweet Treat


Advent Calendar - 21. 12. 2018

Golden sprinkle beads to every order today. We wish you nice Friday! 


Charming Scents by Yankee Candle

New Charming scents to your cars by Yankee Candle here. 


Advent Calendar - 20. 12. 2018

Premo polymer clay 5147 as a gift to all orders today. The 20th window of our Advent calendar is open. 


Advent Calendar - 19. 12. 2018

Conifer clay cutter as a gift to all orders today. wink


Advent Calendar - 18. 12. 2018

The red pompadour pouch as a gift to ever order today! Enjoy Advent time! 


Advent Calendar - 17. 12. 2018

We give you the red ball Maxi Sweet treat to your orders placed today. Have a nice last week before Christmas. 


Advent Calendar - 16. 12. 2018

The red Christmas ribbon as a gift to every order today. We wish you magical the 3rd Advent Sunday. 


Advent Calendar - 15. 12. 2018

We open the 15th window of our Advent calendar. Clear stamp "XOXO" to ever order today. Enjoy Advent time! 

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