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Our team – who we are and what we like doing TEAM was established in 2009 on the same day I learnt that the number of my family members would increase and a new little one would come. It was an amazing coincidence and I have recalled the day many times since then. The birth of was a kind of necessity – simply, there was no other way – and that was response to my enormous pleasure and enthusiasm for discovery of polymer clay. The fact that except for the clay itself nothing else was available in the Czech market was an immediate trigger to buy this stuff. First, I got the material for myself and then my husband brought me around to buying it also for others. I wondered about the business name of the online store for a while but my webmaster Hynek convinced me to name it after me. Thank you, Hynek! It was one of the best business decisions. We have had a lot of fun with the name, and not only us. Several our customers experienced postmen handing them over parcels from Nemravka with a conspiratorial smile. (Note: nemravka or Nemravová means "a hussy" in English.)


A little bit of history
From the very beginning , i.e. from December 2009, was one man show: Petra Nemravová on maternity leave taking care of her one-year old daughter Marianka. Every Tuesday and Thursday I used to wrap parcels, take delivery of new goods and did anything else related to the online shop. Often did I spend time with my pasta machine enjoying polymer clay miracles until three a.m. I cannot understand today that I was able to get up at six a.m. after such nights and be up and running during the whole day. Well, "If you love it, nothing else matters."


In summer 2010 when I was in maternity hospital with my second daughter Adélka I gave my husband Petr and his mother Jiřka instructions on how to wrap the first parcels which did not pass through my hands. At the beginning Jiřka used to stand in for me in wrapping and later on she fully replaced me. So, team consisted of two members then.

In 2011 held the first Fimohraní (Clay&Play) event in Horní Počernice in Prague. This was a large event not only for me but also for Míša who had joined our team shortly before. After a long maternity leave Míša was thrown in at the deep end. She resisted to all meddlesome questions at Fimohraní, toughed it out and was gradually involved in wrapping parcels.

In 2012 polymer claying was complemented by scrapboking. Kačka joined our team in a very inconspicuous way and accepting her into our team was my spontaneous decision while travelling in a campervan. Thanks to her personality and enthusiasm for papercraft, scrapbooking became an equal partner to polymer claying literally overnight. The beginning of scrapbooking was inconspicuous as well – several articles, instructions on how to make boxes and cards and holding open courses later on. If you follow us you know that there are plenty of articles about scrapbooking on our websites. Scrapbooking gradually infected the whole team – Iva, Míša and Jiřka – and certainly me too... 

In 2012 one more member joined the team – Ivča. I called her in to help Míša in customer care service and wrapping parcels. She also assisted me in administration, which was a big relief since I had almost got lost in paperwork at that time.

In 2014 we opened a brick-and-mortar store in Blanická street in Prague, which was an important step in extending our business activities. I think this change was very positively accepted by our customers. The store in Blanická served also for holding courses and polymer clay and scrapbook meetings. However, the profit and loss statement at the end of 2015 showed that the store was a heavy burden for us. Although colourful, designed in a creative adorable manner appealing to girls, the store was unprofitable. For this reason we closed it at the beginning of April 2016. So we operate again only by means of the online store. If you want to see and touch the products we sell you can personally pick them up in Vojkov near Říčany where our offices and a large (and beautiful) warehouse are located.

And what has changed since then? Maruška joined our team when we had the brick-and-mortar store in Blanická street. Today she is busy doing layouts for our new projects and organizing courses. And she has a baby in her belly who will be born this year.

Last year our assortment was enriched with Yankee Candles – Míša and Iva´s passion. We also sell some stuff for dying T-shirts, stamping on fabric and other materials for fine arts. We are proud of a large group of agreeable customers we have (thank you!) and also plenty of customers throughout Europe and the world.

We take pride in wholesale activities we have managed to develop besides retail. is an exclusive distributor of the products of Polyform Products company (Premo, Sculpey, Soufflé), Lisa Pavelka, Christi Friesen, PenniJo and others in the Czech Republic. We also distribute other brands.


The assortment of includes more than 7.000 items today. The gradual extension of the articles we sell resulted in increasing number of team members. can be considered a family business because besides my husband Petr Nemrava, who is a great support to me, his mother Jiřka and father Jirka help us a lot. The other members, whose names are not that ambiguous, are polymer clay and scrapbook fans as well as we are.

Here we are:



Petra Nemravová
Founder and owner of company:
"As I mentioned above, was established out of love and joy. There was no other way then – when I discovered polymer clay I though to myself that I should let others know that polymer clay was amazing and magic and I wanted to extend the market in Bohemia. The online store was a big and essential stuff and a cornerstone of the whole concept of I have done all sorts of work in, including cleaning, moving offices, taking delivery of new goods and wrapping.“
Today Petra deals with strategies and concepts. She is a key driver of and she moves the company in the direction she considers right. She tries to spend more time on artistic creation since this was the incentive to establish Have you found new international courses, polymer clay tutorials and new polymer products? This is her output.

What she likes doing:

Besides polymer claying, which totally fulfilled all aspects of her life, her passion are books. Yes, she is a bookworm. "Without reading at least a couple of pages a day I could not got to bed." When she is not lazy, she goes jogging, rides a bike, goes swimming and plays the piano. She likes spending time with her three daughters. A common passion of Petra and her husband is travelling by campervan around Europe and farther away.
You can follow her artistic creation on web sites in „About Polymer Claying“ section or on
Send her an email to
Katka Hromasová 

Nicknamed Pupi. You must know her because all the scrapbook actions within are in her hands.
She orders and takes delivery of scrapbook goods, takes care of individual scrapbook categories, searches for interesting news so that we are always "in". And she is partially responsible for our wholesale customers.
Interesting tutorials and articles are part and parcel of her job. Katka initiates new scrapbook projects like stamps, stencils, cards and others.
She is also one of the teachers in our lecturing team. Every month she prepares an original topic for scrapbook courses. She actively participates in organization of courses.


What she likes doing:
Needless to say, scrapbooking and anything else related to this type of papercraft. The projects she is fond of are albums, scrapbook pages and Projects Life. She loves trying new Mixed Media techniques. And sometimes she makes polymer clay jewellery. Well, she is familiar with any handwork. Her passions include taking photographs, which is integral to her scrapbook activities. In her spare time she puts on running shoes and goes jogging.


Send her an email to
Michaela Janečková 
Míša has been working for for five years. She is responsible for customer care service, which includes many miscellaneous activities: she accepts orders, wraps and dispatches parcels, communicates with customers, answers to electronic inquiries and deals with claims. Satisfied returning customers are her priority. She orders polymer clay goods and puts them on the virtual checkout counter.
What she likes doing:
She says that her love and passion are Yankee Candles and she is happy to offer this amazing affair also to you. Míša succumbed to temptation of papercraft, e.g. Project Life and card-making in various styles.


Send her an email to
Jiřinka Nemravová
Jiřinka is a great support to the whole team. She looks after the warehouse carefully, sorts out, classifies and labels the goods that are ready to dispatch. She is part and parcel of organizing ways out like exhibitions and workshops. And last but not least Jiřinka is a brilliant grandma  and Petra´s three daughters are as snug as a bug in a rug in her care. Thanks to that Petra and Petr can attend exhibitions and visit various places.
What she likes doing:
Jiřinka succumbed to temptation of papercraft as well. She creates beautiful cards and never omits to give any as a present. In her spare time she takes care of her granddaughters, her family, garden and she travels.


Mária Broukalová Štubňová

Maruška has been working for since 2015. First, you might have met her in the brick-and-mortar store in Blanická street where she was always willing to help you with selection of the goods. Today she is responsible for announcing courses, for communicating with teachers and course participants. She also takes part in creation of new products.

What she likes doing:

She likes to test new handwork techniques. Now, she is fond of polymer clay, she is discovering scrapbooking and combines various fabric to create handbags and bags. Besides that she loves walking in the countryside or relaxing with a good book.






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