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Useful Links and Tips

Welcome to our very interesting section rich in tips, ideas, and information.

You find here many articles on Polymer Clay and Scrapbooking.

Particular parts are in the left column – look there and inspire yourself with useful pieces of advice from all of us „craft-struck“ as well as you...


Cabochon Necklace - old-new tutorial from Petra Nemravka

Christmas Wreath - a wreath with silkscreened polymer clay hearts

Flowers for kids - earings inspiration

Multicolored Silkscreen - new Silk Screen Stencil sets by Petra Nemravka

October - Tumbling Blocks Patchwork

September - Tumbling Patchwork

August - Arcade Game PatchWork

July - Off-Set Patchwork

June - Neon Patchwork

May - Saucer Patchwork 

April - Triangle Patchwork 

March - Pillow Check Patchwork

February - Three-Striped Patchwork

Halloween Bracelet - how to make Halloween jewelry

WOW, the pastels! - creating hollow beads with translucent clay and Pan Pastels 

JJewelryCards - customized jewellery cards for your earrings

Lentil Earrings - silkscreening - hollow lentil earrings with silkscreen embelishment

Soufflé Channel Bracelets - little cutters, metal bracelet blanks and plenty of colours

Spiral Beads Necklace - simple cane turned into lovely beads necklace

Made of algae and spume - a few alcohol inks, metal foils and clay

If you wish to buy any of tutorials, please visit e-shop 

You can find other articles HERE.



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  • ShippingShow (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Good morning, why the shipping price for Romania is so big? You'd have more dedicated customers if you'd have a rezonable shipping price. Here, in Romania, are so many craft lovers who would like to buy your products.Your shop has plenty nice products but, unfortunately, they can't be bought with a huge shipping value. Have a nice day and maybe you'll finally reconsider the shipping price with other countries.

    Comment06.04.2018 07:33 from Liana
    • Re: Shipping

      Hello Liana,
      The shipment price to your country is favorable. It is 285CZK to 2kg by GLS. Romania is not so close to The Czech Republic. The shipment price is according to price list of the shipment company or Czech Post. Thank you.
      Best Regards

      Comment10.04.2018 11:50 from (admin)
  • cost of shippingShow (comments: 2)Hide (comments: 2)

    I would like to order some of your products put noticed that shipping is very expensive.
    Is the shipping price for each idem,,or does it change with the amount of articolas?

    Comment27.02.2014 21:57 from gabriella
    • Re: cost of shipping

      Hi, I'm in the US, I have a couple of ithems I like to order, but shipping is way too expensive, could you please let me know how this work? and I see only two options, one of then said for tutorials only, and the other chose is super expensive.
      any way you can let me know if there is any other way that will be chipper?

      Comment19.11.2016 17:42 from
      • Re: Re: cost of shipping

        Yes, we have only 2 shipping ways to USA. One is only for e-mail tutorials and the second is for usual orders. The amout (you see) is the final price - your goods in the basket plus the shippment price. The shippment depends on the weight and size of the goods you have in the basket. If you want to check the shippment price, make the order and put the note to your order that you want to check the shippment price. Don´t pay anything and wait for our e-mail reply. If you need more information, don´t hesitate to contact us on e-mail
        Best Regards

        Comment21.11.2016 08:16 from (admin)
  • Repel gelShow (comments: 0)Hide (comments: 0)

    I would like to buy among other goods also Repel gel (Donna Kato), which you do not have in stock.
    When will you have this gel in stock?
    I want to buy all the goods at once due to postage.

    Best regards

    Mateja Berlec

    Comment19.03.2013 12:04 from Mateja
  • (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    I could buy some of your products from Romania?
    If so, please tell me how. Thanks

    Comment20.12.2011 16:47 from Toth Tiberiu
    • Re:

      Hello Toth,

      sorry for a late response, I have been "off" due to Xmas.. :-) Yes, sure, it is. We send our goods over the world. There is an english version of nemravka: You can order whatever you want and pay via paypal, card or wire. You can see prices in CZK or EUR.
      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me directly to my e.mail:

      Happy New Year!! :o)

      Petra Nemravka

      Comment01.01.2012 21:50 from Nemravka (admin)
  • Dear Mr. Ms., It is possible to... Show (comments: 1)Hide (comments: 1)

    Dear Mr. Ms.,
    It is possible to buy your goods from Hungary!

    Thank you very much for your aswer.

    Eva Galambos

    Comment07.08.2011 21:14 from Eva Galambos
    • Re:

      Hello Eva,

      Yes it is possible, you can find me in english version, too :-)

      Kind regards,

      Comment14.08.2011 22:56 from Nemravka (admin)