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About (Polymer) claying

What the Polymer Clay actually is?

I asked the same question when I first learnt of „Fimo“. I have never loved chemistry and this sounded like something really repulsive, coming from a book for chemists (I am sorry but I was at war with chemistry during my studies but I hold it in high regard today...). And that´s such amazing stuff!

I am really going to start with a bit of chemistry. It is polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC, which is modified for creative hands by means of colourings, softeners and other components.

All around the world there are four big producers of Polymer Clay: Staedtler (Fimo), Clay and Paint (Cernit), Polyform Products Company USA (Sculpey, Premo atd.) and van Aken (Kato Polyclay). Particular brands differ in qualities (solidity, temperature of baking, etc.) but strictly speaking it deals of the same chemical composition of material. The clay is available in a wide range of colours and it may contain admixtures imitating metal, minerals, etc.

The synonym of Polymer Clay in the Czech Republic is Fimo. People are more familiar with the term of „Fimo“ rather than „Polymer Clay“ in connection with jewellery. Fimo is made in three categories: Classic, Soft (softer clay, easy to condition) and Effect (containing glitter admixtures, clear clay, etc.). Staedtler produces also admixtures (like powders, metal leaves) and tools for Polymer Clay. All brands of Polymer Clay are available in our market nowadays.

And what can you create with Polymer Clay?

I always answer „you can create almost anything“. And I do not exaggerate, you can create jewellery, bowls, photo frames of your beloved people, statuettes or even handbags and shoes... You can accurately imitate minerals, pearls, wood structure... Only time, desire and willingness to experiment, a bit of patience and a lot of enthusiasm is needed!

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