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In this section you find everything for your “winding” projects. We love yarns of all types and colours, so we are going to extend this category at gradually. You find here natural materials, such as wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, as well as yarns mixed with acrylic and nylon fibres.

You can look forward to crochets, knitting needles and other tools for work with yarn at these web sites.

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Opry Row Counter

Opry Row Counter

Digital row conuter by Addi for your knitting projects.  This handy row counter makes it ...

79 CZK
Stainless Steel Scissors by Opry

Stainless Steel Scissors by Opry

Small stainless steel scissors intended for cutting intricate projects. Micro stainless ...

129 CZK
Opry mini scissors / Embroidery Scissors

Opry mini scissors / Embroidery Scissors

Small scissors for cutting thread. Very sharp blade. You do not have to “put them on ...

71 CZK