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Payment by Card

We accept these payment cards: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. Banks that issue payment cards allow the use of embossed cards. Payment by VISA Electron and Maestro cards is possible if permitted by the bank.
Some banks offer virtual cards intended solely for online payment.


Payment by Card on is worthwile
• payment by card is free of charge in contrast to cash on delivery
• safe and comfortable way of shopping
• you need no cash when taking over the delivery

Payment by Card is Secure
• when accepting the payment cards we use 3D-Secure solution – the newest application of MasterCard and VisaCard Association providing safe online payment by card
• the bank is directly provided with payment data
• none of our employees has access to your payment card data
• data is transmitted by means of HTTPS security protocol encoding this information

What payment cards do we accept?
• VISA Electron
• Maestro (in case of 3D-Secure system)
• MasterCard


How to pay by card?
If you decide to pay for your chosen goods / services by card, tick the type of the payment card. Next, you will be redirected to our processing bank and asked to enter your payment card data: the number of the payment card, expiration date and CVV2/CVC2 – three last numbers printed on the signature strip of the card.

This information is entered directly on the payment site of the processing bank that ensures transmission of indecipherable encrypted data. We are informed only about the authorization and instructed to execute your order. This guarantees that your payment card cannot be abused by the subject selling you the goods and the data transmitted on public computer network is protected.

The result of the transaction will be sent to your e-mail address.

The presence of the logos Verified by Visa and Secure Code by MasterCard Association guarantees safe payment in our internet shop.


In case we do not receive the confirmation of your payment card, it might be for following reasons:
• Your payment card data was not entered correctly
• You do not have sufficient account balance or you have overdrawn your limit for online transactions
• Online transaction is not permitted for your payment card. Please, contact your bank.

Payment by card is worthwhile!