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Information, instructions and others.... everything about scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is a phenomen which has lately enchanted thousands of people all around the world – it is boundless amusing papercraft, original capture of recollections by means of photographs, revolution in the field of hobby techniques... you completely fall for it . That is scrapbooking, and much more...
The word of scrapbook consists of „scrab“ meaning shred, cut-out, slip of paper, and „book“. Thus, it is a kind of a „book of cut-outs“. But it is not any common book - you create original pages of your albums or straight away entire photoalbums, as well as original cards, announcements, invitations, notebooks, labels, simply astonish your relatives and friends with an unusual present, a kind of work of art you create yourself. Modern scrapbooking or ScrapArt comes from the US and its origin dates back to the 15th century in ancient England. Marielen Christensen is the one who significantly participated in development of modern scrapbooking. In 1980 she published her family memoirs in fifty volumes in spiral binding. This triggered unprecedented interest in this creative technique in the US. Marielen and her husband established a shop selling material for scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is one the most popular creative techniques in the US.

Cardmaking or creation of original cards is another form of papercraft. You need the same material for it like for scrapbooking. Either you can use ready made blank cards or create your own ones by means of a trimmer and scrapbook paper which you can embellish as you wish to. Try out various techniques of cardmaking, i.e. stamping, embossing, cutting on Big Shot or Cuttlebug, creation of tridimensional effects, découpage, etc.

In general, any kind of creation makes people join and inspire mutually. „Lift“ is a kind of such inspiration. Do you like pages or cards anyone else created? Just „lift“ them, inspire yourself and try to create similar ones. You will never get identical ones. Many zealous crafters organize lifts to exchange experiences. One of them chooses a card and the othres imitate it. It results in countless wonderful pieces of art based on one pattern but with different designs.

Scrapbook Layout
Scrapbook layout or scrapbook page with photographs and the way they are laid out.


Sketch or draft of your future work. Sketch your project before you start creating it. „Sketch“ is common at „lifting“. Notepad is an indispensable tool for your sketches, you can embelish it as well.

Acid free, Lignin free
Any quality scrapbook paper is acid free because acid decomposes paper in some time and your work can be destroyed. Especially be careful about photographs in your albums. Acid makes them turn yellow or damages them. For that reason using acid free material at work with photographs is essential.
Lignin is an important component of wood thus classic paper comprises lignin. But in some time its colours vanish and the paper turns brown. Quality paper does not contain lignin and its colour remains unchangeable for years.

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