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Patchwork is a craft technique I keep admiring. Just imagine to cover yourself with a blanket sewed with pieces of colour fabric.

I draw inspiration from Kaffe Fassett, "God of Colours", an artist who knits, sews and designs fabricI guard his fabric at home as if it were treasure, as well as the books he wrote. The logo of our event is composed of his fabric. Amazing, isn´t it?

The true fabric patchwork is still waiting to be made (wrapped in boxes and in my head) but I take a fancy to using patchwork designs for polymer clay work. Lindly Haunani introduced me into the idea during one of her workshops long ago. Thank you very much, Lindly! I have been looking at various fabric since then, wondering about application of the designs to polymer clay projects.

I have set myself a challenge for this year: to bring you polymer clay tutorials based on patchwork designs regularly. You may get inspiration from them for your own creation. Every month I publish a new patchwork/ fabric design you can use for anything.
Looking at the calendar I should hurry up with the first tutorial if I want to make it just in February. January is already over, however new activities almost always start slowly during this first month.

I will appreciate your engagement – send us a picture of your polymer clay patchwork. At the end of the year we will draw lots and pick a winner. The winner gets polymer clay and other tools and material valued at CZK 3,000. Please send your photos to 

Have a nice day!

Petra Nemravka

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