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Useful instruments for work with inks

Ink Refresher or „brightening agent“
In case the colour in ink pad dries up or fades out, apply Ink Refresher. Simply spray a little refresher directly on pad and carry on creating.


Adirondack Alcohol Ink Fillable Pen
Adirondack pen can be filled with your favourite ink colour. It is a multipurpose tool - it has a fine point tip at one end and a flexible brush tip at the other one. Thus it is suitable for fine details. The pen is suitable for decoration of paper (even for paper with glossy surface), for glass, plastic or metal. If you fill the pen with Adirondack Blending Solution, it will work like ink eraser. Replacement nibs are available as well.

Watch video instructions how to use the pen:

MiniMister Spray
MiniMister Spray serves for moistening texture stamps, for fixing projects with pigment inks as well as for other techniques with water based inks. Bigger volume of Mister Spray in a bottle is in our offer too.

Watch video instructions how to use spray vial:


Ink Brayer
Brayer is useful for creation of interesting backgrounds with inks. There are many ways how to use the brayer: either dunk it in ink pad and spread ink on ready sheet or wind lace or string around it to reach textured pattern. Rinse the brayer under running water when you finish working or use appropriate ink cleaner.

Watch video instructions how to work with brayer:

Colouring Nibs

The nibs are made of the same material like brush-tip markers, thus you can use them in the same way. Dip the tip into the ink pad or directly into ink. The tip soaks the paint up and you can colour in right the spots you want to.

Watch video instructions how to use the tips:

Water brush

The water brush is an excellent tool for colouring in. Just fill the brush with your favourite inks or Color Wash. If you fill it with water, the brush will serve as an ink eraser. 

Watch video instructions to see how to use the brush:

Lightening and cleansing solution

Universal cleaner of stamps, texture sheets and anything else getting in touch with inks. The bottle is equipped with sponge at the cap thanks to which you apply appropriate amount of cleaner and avoid pouring it out.

Watch video instructions to learn how to use cleaner:

Adirondack Blending Solution
Blending Solution serves for lightening ink on your projects or for removing it from stamps and other tools getting in touch with inks. When filled in Adirondack Alcohol Ink Fillable Pen, it works as an eraser.

Watch video instructions how to use Blending Solution:

There are other lightening and cleaning solutions like Piňata Claro Extender (by Jacquard), Piňata CleanUp Solution (by Jacquard), StazOn Cleaner (by Tsukineko), Stamp Cleaner (by Ranger), etc.


Ink Dabber / Sponge
Sponge and dabber are indispensable tools for work with ink bottles and ink pads. You can choose among several types of dabbers like In Dabber-Stamp, Cut-n-Dry foam pad, Mini Ink Foam, etc. Foam on the dabber is replaceable – get new spare foam and apply another ink shade.

Watch video instructions how to use dabbers:


Ink Palette
Ink palette is another useful tool for work with inks, it makes blending of various ink colours or pigment powders easier.

Heat Gun
Heat gun is great for speeding up drying period of inks, acrylic paints or Color Wash. Just dry your project with hot air. Heat gun is for use at embossing by means of embossing powders. Manipulation with the tool is not suitable for children.

General rule for cleansing stamps and other tools and removing ink sounds – rinse or wash them right after finishing your work. Cleansing will be much easier!

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